'Getting the First 50 Clients'

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"David - you have just moved to No 1 on my list of resources for when I get stuck!

My coach has been saying the same thing in a different way for ages but something, somehow, stopped me taking action. Your step by step instructions were just what I needed!

Nicola Cairncross
United Kingdom

Estelle Gibbins


Yes. I would like an extra ten clients in thirty days. Please grant me immediate access to the 'Getting the First 50 Clients' speech to the ICF conference.

In addition, I would also like the following limited time bonuses included, at no extra charge:

Bonus: '50 Trial Sessions in 50 Days' Form
Bonus: 'Top Ten Pro Bono Tips'

Bonus: 'Top Five Prospective Client Objections' - and what do do about them

Bonus: Transcript of 'Fifty Clients' Speech - now available in both HTML and PDF download.

Bonus: Online Recording of a live mentoring session: 'How to Convert Trial Coaching Sessions to Actual Clients' (20 minutes)


I understand I may listen online to the speech as many times as I like for three six months. (Click here to add the Audio CD to your package for an additional US$20).

I also understand that this offer has a 100% money back guarantee. If I don't get an additional ten clients in thirty days by following the steps outlined in the speech, I will get a prompt and courteous refund.

Here's how it all works...

Simply click the link below and enter your details on the secure form.

You will then be taken to an access page where you can listen immediately to the ICF Conference speech. At the same page you will be able to download your bonus resources, and listen to the bonus recording.

You will also receive an email with a receipt for your order, and a reminder of your special access page to make sure you have it readily available when you need it. (And if you are relatively new to the internet, you'll also receive instructions on how to download and install the free RealPlayer™, which lets you listen online, even if you have a normal dial up connection.)


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